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AIR: Asmara is the only international airport ; from Frankfurt/M and Jeddha with Lufthansa (LH). Flights from Europe and the USA can be booked through Ericommerce International Ltd, Robin House, 2a Iverson Road, London NW6 2HE. Tel: (0171) 372 7242. Fax: (0171) 624 6716.

Approximate flight time: From Asmara to London is 7 hours

International airports: Asmara (ASM) is about 6km (4 miles) from the city. Buses and taxis are available to the city centre.

Departure tax: Yes.

SEA: Regular sailings between European ports and Massawa or Assab on regional shipping lines. Parts of the important port of Massawa were destroyed during the war for independence,but now the ports is in reconstruction and finished soon.

AIR: Internal airports are Asmara, Assab and Massawa.

ROAD: The infrastructure was rebuilt entirely. Some roads are again in reconstruction, but finished soon. Roads are pleasant and connect all business centres and holiday resorts. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended on all other roads and tracks. An extension of the existing road system is planned. Traffic drives on the right. Bus: Services connect all larger towns and cities. Taxi: These can be found in most of the cities and at the airport.The price is not very dear.

Car hire: Rental cars can be booked through the Eritrean Tour Service (see address at top of entry).

Documentation: An International Driving Permit is recommended.