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AREA: 121,320 sq km (48,842 sq miles).

POPULATION: 3,985,00 (official estimate 1999).

POPULATION DENSITY: 28.4 per sq km.

CAPITAL: Asmara. Population: 358,100 (official estimate 1990).

GEOGRAPHY : Eritrea stretches along the Red Sea. To the south it borders Ethiopia, to the southeast Djibouti and to the east Sudan. The low-lying coastal area is very humid. The mountainous interior is largely cultivated

LANGUAGE: Arabic and Tigrinya are the official languages. Various dialects such as Afar, Bilien, Kunama, Nara, Saho and Tigre are also spoken. English and Italian are the most commonly spoke foreign languages.

 RELIGION : Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic,Protestant, Coptic Christian.



WORKING HOURS : According to the new working hours schedule, introduced by the government on January 1, 1997, all civil servants (non-profit public institutions) will be required to work 441/2 hours a week.
7:00am - 12:00am and 2:00pm-6:00pm
7:00am - 11:30am and 2:00pm-6:00pm

ELECTRICITY : 110/220 volts AC; there are occasional power surges.

COMMUNICATIONS: Telephone: IDD is available to Asmara, Massawa and Assab. Country code: +291. Outgoing international code is 00. All larger cities are connected via the internal system. Telegram: International services are available in the office in Asmara. Post: International post services have not been resumed with all countries. Delays are likely. Press: Hadas Eritrea is published twice-weekly in English, Arabic and Tigrinya. The Profile is published in English and a lot of other newspapers.

TV ERI (Eritrean Television) - government-owned, broadcasts in Tigrinya, Arabic and Tigre
Hadas Eritrea - Asmara-based, government-owned, published three days a week in Tigrinya and Arabic
Eritrea Profile - Asmara-based, government-owned weekly in English
Tirigta - Asmara-based weekly youth paper
Geled - Asmara-based weekly youth paper in Tigre
Admas - Asmara-based privately-owned weekly
Keste Debena - Asmara-based, privately-owned weekly
Mekalih - Asmara-based, privately-owned weekly
Tsigenay - Asmara-based, privately-owned weekly
Zemen - Asmara-based, privately-owned weekly
Setit - Asmara-based, privately-owned weekly
Erina (Eritrean News Agency) - government-owned


BBC World Service and Voice of America frequencies: From time to time these change. See the section How to Use this Book for more information.
BBC: MHz 17.89 11.86 9.630 6.135
A service is also available on 1413kHz (0100-0500 GMT).
Voice of America: MHz 15.21 9.595 6.070 1.548
Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea - government-owned, broadcasts from Asmara in Tigrinya, Arabic, Tigre, Kunama, Saho, Afar, Amharic and Oromifa